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Sunday, December 16, 2007. *
All this and more was published in OVO blog during the past month:
  • What Can God Do with 32 Virgins? "Numbers 31:40 states that God wanted thirty-two of the virgins reserved for Himself. What can God do with thirty-two virgins?"
  • Where are you NOW? NOW and Sharia: "Does the National Organization of Women refrain from commenting when women are sentenced to lashings? If so, this is a change from 2001 when they spoke out against it. Does NOW refrain from commenting about Muslim law (also known as sharia law)? If so, this is a change from 2002 when they spoke out against it. In the past NOW has spoken out against lashings and against Muslim law."
  • Mamie Manneh: "Mamie Manneh is an attempted murderer who illegally imported the remains of endangered species into the USA for the purpose of eating them. Handling and consuming this animal can lead to some of the most nightmarish diseases known to humanity. Only spongiform encephalopathy and religion can soften the mind enough to cause a person to hold Mamie's 'culture' or 'sincere beliefs' worthy of consideration in this regard."
  • The Get Out of Your Mind Free Card: "When is a movie theater not a movie theater?"
  • CAIR: "The Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for an end to rights violations against women and volunteered support for House Resolution 32."
  • Ulam's Spiral: "It was an act of idleness, not labor, that brought this curiosity forth. I place this discovery in the realm of dreams and not wakefulness."
  • Ten Thousand: "Ten thousand people have been killed by Muslims in the past six years. These men, women and children were not killed in self-defence, nor were they killed in the heat of the moment, nor were they killed for money, nor were they killed in war. Ten thousand people have been killed by Muslims in the past six years as human sacrifices, as part of the religion of Islam, as Muslims submitting to the invisible monster that lives in the sky."
  • Theo-genital Mutilation, Two Versions: "Perhaps tax dollars could be used for something more pressing than the unnecessary mutilation of men and women's genitals."
  • The War on (T)Error: "Two members of the religion of peace who bombed London on July 7, 2005 were able to do so only because the US government let them walk."
  • Sen. Charles Grassley: "Superstitious non-profit agencies are also tax exempt, but they are not accountable for how much money they take in nor are they accountable for what they spend the money on. Some superstitious non-profit agencies must surely do good work with every penny they can find. But others surely do not."
  • What Prevents Sexual Predation? "If there are two claimed ways to reduce sexual predation, one that seems to work and one that seems to not work, we can at least do some good with that real world information."
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