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Sunday, September 09, 2007. *
Metzizah B'peh

Long-time readers of American Samizdat will remember my previous reports [Feb 3 2005] [Aug 26 2005] [Nov 1 2005] about the practice of adult men sucking blood from the mutilated genitals of infant boys. Unimaginably illegal in all other circumstances, this act is outside the law if done in the name of an invisible monster that lives in the sky. Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer of Rockland County, New York, gave three baby boys herpes by performing metzizah b'peh. One of them died. The State of New York asked Rabbi Fischer to refrain from performing metzizah b'peh for a short while during an investigation. No action was otherwise taken against him.

In November of 2006 the State of New York issued a Circumcision Protocol Regarding the Prevention of Neonatal Herpes Transmission. The Protocol states: "The person performing metzizah b'peh must do the following: 1. Wipe around the outside of the mouth thoroughly, including the labial folds at the corners, with a sterile alcohol wipe, and then discard in a safe place. 2. Wash hands with soap and hot water for 2-6 minutes. 3. Within 5 minutes before metzizah b'peh, rinse mouth thoroughly with a mouthwash containing greater than 25% alcohol and hold the rinse in mouth for 30 seconds or more before discarding it." This Protocol is not a law. It was submitted as a proposal for evaluation by unnamed Rabbis.

Ideally no one would request or allow such a monsterous practice in the 21st Century. Until such time, the state should prosecute religious child sacrifice with the vigor it does for any sort of child murder.


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