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Saturday, July 14, 2007. *
A man accused of killing a Pearland flight attendant confessed to going to a known gay bar to pick out a target, then going home with him and stabbing him with a knife. Terry Mark Mangum, 26, of Cypress was arrested in June on a murder charge and was indicted Thursday by a Brazoria County grand jury. He is accused of killing Kenneth Cummings Jr., 46, in Cummings’ Pearland home June 5, then cleaning up the blood and driving to a ranch owned by Mangum’s grandfather outside Poteet to bury his body. [...]

“I did it,” he said. “Bottom line is I stabbed him in the head with a knife.” [...] Mangum, who sounded energetic and upbeat, said he met Cummings at a bar in Houston that is a known hangout for homosexual men, and that he was carrying out God’s judgment and “sacrificing” Cummings’ body. Mangum said it was “my belief of God judging him,” and Cummings “just happened to be the one that I bumped into.” Asked if he was targeting Cummings because he was a homosexual, Mangum said, “that was the goal.” Mangum did not specify for what he targeted Cummings, but he did say what he did was “righteous.”

[Article continues at link. Magnum did exactly what the Bible says Christian men should do, and that is kill homosexuals. Now might be a good opportunity for Christians to say once and for all that even though Jesus Christ confirmed - twice - that Christians must murder homosexuals, this two-thousand year old superstition invented by illiterate goat farmers to appease an invisible monster that lives in the sky has no place in today's world. Need more evidence Christianity is immoral and foolish? Click here.]


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