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Monday, June 11, 2007. *
In the mainstream press — and even in much of the leftysphere — commentary about atheism routinely boils down to this:

1. Atheists question religion, which has caused many wars, acts of terrorism, and so on. Hmm, maybe they have a point…
2. Nah, using little or no documentation, I’ve decided that atheists are a bunch of angry freaks. Unlike the people who cling to ancient supernatural beliefs, atheists are unreasonable. Screw ‘em!

[...] Even though these authors tell us we’re right, we are still adjudged as wrong, and our writings are “stupid,” unlike those sensible stories where a guy houses every species of flora and fauna in the world for over a month on a homemade boat, or where a virgin’s resurrected son ascends bodily to heaven.


posted by Trevor Blake at 7:55 AM
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