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Thursday, May 31, 2007. *
Two from Western Resistance
[Western Resistance posts regular, original, well-researched articles on the interaction between Islam and 'the West.' Here are two examples specific to the United States, with my encouragement for readers to read the entire articles.]

Democrats Meet With Muslim Brotherhood Members. [...] The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is not a group to be trusted, particularly for a nation with strong links to Israel. Last year, the Egyptian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Mehdi Akef, announced during the Israel/Lebanon conflict that he had 10,000 fighters, ready to be sent to Lebanon to fight alongside Hezbollah against Israel. Akef also attacked Arab leaders in an Egyptian newspaper interview, where he said: "If they weren't Muslims, we would have killed them, because they are a bigger threat to the nation than Israel itself." The terrorist group Hamas in Israel was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood Palestinian leader Sheikh Yassin, and the "spiritual leader" of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has made a fatwa condoning suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. The Muslim Brotherhood maintains that it is against violence. If the Democrats cannot see that this is a lie, then their own credibility is at question.

Islamic Society Of Boston Abandons Its Legal Vendetta
. Finally, an end has come to the long-running saga of the Islamic Society of Boston's lawsuit against various groups whom it claimed were "defaming" it. The ISB has dropped its case.

[Not strictly about the religion of peace as encountered in America, but a delight for the eyes of infidels, is An Infidel's Prayer To Allah.]


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