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Monday, April 02, 2007. *
Religion in the News, Florida Edition
Sarasota Easter parade canceled: Newtown will not hold its annual Easter Parade this year, but leaders in the community hope to have a similar celebration next year. After about an hourlong meeting last week, citizens at the NAACP-hosted forum decided that a parade would be in conflict with the religious holiday. [...] "I've seen young girls shaking and dancing," Valerie Buchand said. "It hurt me to see that." [...] "We want to create something for the young people, so they can be young people again," said Mayor Fredd "Glossie" Atkins.

Prayer gatherings scrutinized: In early March, third-grade teacher Mary Cropsey was about to lose her job, couldn't get another interview and felt like an outcast because she didn't fit in with a group of Christian teachers and administrators at work. Two days after she complained, Cropsey was accused of helping a student cheat on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. She is now suspended, and the case could lead to misdemeanor charges and 30 days in jail. Cropsey's lawyers say the timing and the accusations are questionable.

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