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Monday, April 16, 2007. *
Legislating Against Families
Diane Carman: Anti-gay rhetoric drowns out kids' needs. Sen. Schultheis of Colorado Springs and Sen. Renfroe of Greeley were among the 15 Republicans who voted against a bill that would allow same-sex partners to adopt each other's children. For them, granting children adopted by same-sex parents the same health care, pension, Social Security, workers' compensation and child-support benefits as those given to children adopted by heterosexual couples was considered a threat to something, although it was never clear exactly what.

Ryan Lee: Georgia judge halts lesbian adoption. Days away from her seventh birthday, a little girl named Emma Rose is currently trapped in Georgia’s foster care system, unable to reunite with the woman who has been her mother for almost a year — all because the mother is a lesbian. The prospective adoptive mother, Elizabeth Hadaway, was also sentenced to 10 days in jail earlier this month by a Wilkinson County Superior Court judge who refused to grant the adoption in part because “the child will have a long-term exposure to the homosexual parent’s lifestyle.”

[Articles continue at links. Would I be wrong if I guessed these politicians were motivated by an invisible monster that lives in the sky?]

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