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Friday, March 23, 2007. *
A Neuqua Valley High senior has gone to federal court seeking the right to wear an anti-gay T-shirt to school next month on the day after a national event in support of gays is scheduled in schools. Heidi Zamecnik, 17, is asking the court to order her school and Indian Prairie District 204 to allow her to express her anti-gay beliefs on April 19, the day after the 11th annual "Day of Silence" is scheduled to protest harassment of gays in schools. [...]

Heidi's father, Carl Zamecnik, declined to comment Wednesday night on behalf of his family, and he referred calls to an attorney. Because of her family's "sincerely held religious beliefs" against homosexuality, "they wish to share their conviction that true happiness cannot be found through homosexual behavior," the suit says.

[I support Heidi Zamecnik being allowed to wear clothing of her choosing on any day. I support Heidi Zamecnik being able to wear t-shirts calling for the murder of homosexuals based on her superstition of choice. I support Heidi Zamecnik being allowed to meet the consequences of her decisions in the form of social osctrasism, ended friendships, silent glares, public mockery, loss of employment opportunities, and being reminded for the rest of her God-given days of the shameful choices she made as a young adult. Also noted is the lawyer's claim that the family's religious beliefs are held 'sincerely.' When it comes to religion, if you believe REALLY HARD it not only becomes true but other people aren't allowed to even tell you otherwise much less act otherwise.]


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