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Monday, March 21, 2011. *
WASHINGTON–U.S. officials detected the presence of a radioactive isotope in California on Friday that appeared to come from the Fukushima nuclear-power plant in Japan, but the levels they detected were minuscule–far less than a person would normally receive from the sun, rocks or other natural sources.

U.S. officials say the levels are consistent with their expectations and pose no risk to human health.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department said in a statement a radiation monitor in Sacramento, Calif., detected minuscule quantities of the radioactive isotope xenon-133. The readings validated similar ones from March 16 and 17 taken from monitors in Washington state, they said.

Is this the same EPA that approved human experimentation using pesticides on babies & children as few years ago?

trust these jackals at your own risk...

tangentially related..nuclear roulette

This article presents views of Helen Caldicott, a physician well known for her opposition to nuclear power and Alan Kohn, retired National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) official on the NASA plans to launch its Cassini mission to Saturn. According to Caldicott, the Cassini mission threatens the health of millions of people. Plutonium is so toxic that one pound distributed around the Earth in particles small enough to be inhaled could induce lung cancer in every person on the planet. Plutonium can also cause bone cancer, leukemia and liver cancer. In pregnant women it crosses the placenta to damage the developing embryo and in men it lodges in the testicles, where it can induce cancer and mutate genes responsible for future generations.

Finally, see,

Clinton's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments and Human Experimentation for National Security Purposes...

Jonathan Moreno, nationally distinguished bioethicist presents an overview of the ethical issues raised by state sponsored human medical experimentation.
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