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Thursday, January 06, 2011. *

Atomic Books

It's 2011, it's time for the Revenge of Print.

This is a challenge to everyone who has ever made a zine/mini-comic/comix, is making zines/mini-comics/comix or would like to make a zine/mini-comic/comix - to do at least 1 more issue in 2011.

Why? Because print is only dead if you want it to be.

Currently, we have nearly 200 people now signed on to Revenge of Print. (Visit the Facebook group for a list of all participants).

We have folks like us, Quimby's, Xerography Debt, Razorcake, Maximum Rocknroll, Zine World, Microcosm and too many more zine libraries and distros to name involved/supporting/endorsing it.

We're also working out a few other ideas and suggestions too.

For example:
1. we're thinking about hosting some kind of 2011: Revenge of Print event
2. we're trying to figure out a way to track everyone who said they'd participate and keep a list of what they've done
3. we may be doing a zine art show with participants later this year
4. we also are making the Revenge of Print logo available to anyone who wants to use it as a logo on their zine.

So here we are. 2011. Time to photocopy!

When they complete Full-spectrum dominance, and the last vestiges of the web is herded into free speech zones, perhaps samizdata will be all we have left.
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