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Friday, January 14, 2011. *

Bush Officials: Obomba terror policies echo Bush's

While Vice President Dick Cheney and other prominent conservatives have faulted President Barack Obama for going slack in the war on terror, two top Bush administration intelligence officials are arguing that the Obama team has been just as tough--if not tougher.

"The new administration has been as aggressive, if not more aggressive, in pursing these issues, because they're real," former Director of National Intelligence and retired Navy Admiral Michael McConnell said on CNN's "State of the Union."

"You commend them for that?" host Candy Crowley asked.

"I do commend them for that," McConnell said.

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden also argued that the Obama approach has been by and large the same--regardless of campaign rhetoric.

"When one is in office, it's -- as the admiral has suggested, when one is in office, that responsibility weighs pretty heavily. And so we've seen a powerful consistency between two administrations trying to deal with this problem," Hayden said. "Actually, I've seen it over two administrations and I thank god every day for the continuity."
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