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Tuesday, December 07, 2010. *
Step Right Up! Ladies & Gentlemen!
Phineas Taylor Barnum, ( P.T. Barnum) had nothing on this theater of the absurd...

Ladies and gentlemen step right up to the greatest most fucked up show on earth.

I highly suggest watching this... (at low volume)

as a backing track to this:

Mr. Hip Hip Hooray (above), is a whack job fool, but in the delusion of the King Lear court, the fool had the rambling power of TRUTH on his side, simply because his was the only one who could tell Lear that his farts stunk, without the fear of losing his head. Simply because, well, he was a fool...

Colin Luther Powell? (Col.Colin my-lie Powell) Meh... SHUCKS, just one in a long line of em...


Eric Chiquita death squad Holder

Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

Welcome to the three ring Circus! Enjoy the horror show...

Bonus: The Google Toilet

posted by Uncle $cam at 9:51 PM
Blogger Jack Crow said...
perfect description - the fool in Lear's court
6:12 AM  
Anonymous DaveS said...
The toilet was pretty funny, especially after the Good Dr's comments. I did what you suggested and played both videos together, and I must say, you're right. Perfect match – I restarted the circus video when Dr Manning was cheering... HeeHeeHee.

I grew up with hippy parents at a time when such critters were looked down upon and scorned, and I suppose it's because of this that I kind of feel like I grew-up in the 'hood. The way the 'normal' folks looked at the long hairs in the little mt community where we lived gave me a sort of window into what the black kids growing up on the South Side of the town where my high school was had to deal with. The blacks were scorned by the rednecks... except during basketball season. F#$%in' assholes!

Growing up this way made me realize how much alike everyone is... nothing teaches that lesson as well as being an outcast. Being on the outside and looking in will give anyone a different perspective on life. Too bad we couldn't teach this to the personality types that exceed at business and government (lying and cheating) so they might use their drive to succeed at a better cause.

Yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath on that either.

As a nation we're a mess... Karl at the Market Ticker is still harping on the fact a guy in the wikileaks Iraqi video was carrying an RPG... forgetting he was probably security for the Rueters newsmen. Regardless, there are better things for Karl to do, like keep focusing on how the banks lied, cheated and stole all the money they've made in the past ten years (more like a thousand...) He does that well and if you can stomach some of the stupid, knee-jerk comments, it's well worth the time to read his take on banking.

U$ you rock as a guide to our societies underbelly. Too bad you can't sell tickets, you'd make a killing ;)
At the worst you could always go into marketing...

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Mack'rel said...
Those two videos are a great juxtaposition, and they’ve helped me to better articulate a feeling that I’ve always had about the United States: it’s okay to lie, but not to tell the truth. It inspires great confidence in this country to believe that, if the powers-that-be were ever to discover and punish me for something “illegal” that I did, it would be for posting comments such as these.
12:08 PM  
Blogger Uncle $cam said...
if the powers-that-be were ever to discover and punish me for something “illegal” that I did, it would be for posting comments such as these.

Indeed, indeed, you are free to think what we tell ya... Don't think of a pink elephant.
9:46 PM  
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