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Friday, December 24, 2010. *
Daddy Bush, Obomba, Big Sister, Janet Napolitano, Private Enterprise is here to watch over you and keep you safe.

The Patriot App

A company by the name of Patriot Applications LLC, has released an iPhone Application called PatriotApp TM. This app, shown [above], allows users to report:

related information to a host of government authorities like the FBI, EPA, GAO, CDC and social media sites.

My initial reaction was to recoil in horror at the thought of the millions of iPhone owners running around snitching on everything and everyone.

I thought great, here comes more police/surveillance state.

On second thought, however, it appears I may have been hasty.

Let's imagine some alternative uses for this app that actually help us fight crime, terror and vanquish evil:

Fed employee sends the GAO a breakdown of the "assets" pledged as collateral with the Fed by Wall Street firms in exchange for trillions of dollars of liquidity.
Bank employee publishes list of lost or missing mortgage notes.
Traveler uploads a video of TSA harassment at the airport.
Neighbor uploads to FB a video of a police officer stealing someone's house key and copying it.
Gulf coast residents send EPA a video of planes spraying the banned Corexit dispersant at night.
So as you can see the potential of this new app is limited only by the imagination of the user!

Feel free to suggest other uses for this wonderful new app :)


Now go and do your duty, citizen.
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