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Wednesday, December 08, 2010. *

posted by Uncle $cam at 6:36 AM
Anonymous Mack'rel said...
Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the intent of this proposal, and it’s simply an expedient to help defuse the current situation, but I’m curious about how this could solve the problem in the long run. Intra-continental--not to mention intercontinental--missile delivery systems have been in existence for decades, and if the American and Korean governments are truly spoiling for a fight, then they’ll just use bigger weapons to cross a bigger distance; governments will do whatever they want regardless of prudence or consequence: history has borne that out time and time again.
And it does indeed seem as if the American and Korean governments are spoiling for a fight. The question, perhaps, that the American and Korean people--both North and South--should ask is this: why should we let them? How would a renewal of hostilities benefit any of us?
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