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Friday, October 22, 2010. *
Chris Hedges: The Death of the Liberal Class
"We confuse how we are made to feel with Knowledge, which is precisely how we ended up with Barack Obama."


"The problem is that with the rise of the corporate state, which began with Reagan in earnest, with deregulation and the destruction of anti-trust laws, and accelerated by Bill Clinton, certainly the greatest traitor to the American working class ever produced by the Democratic party. Clinton understood that if he did corporate bidding in terms of structuring the economy that he could get corporate money. He understood that workers and unions had nowhere else to go -- they'd have to vote Democratic anyway. So Clinton's conscious goal was to attract corporate money and carry out in return, the passage of draconian legislation which has thrust a knife into the back of the American working class; NAFTA in 1994, the Welfare Reform Act in 1996, the Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999. And in return, corporations began to give money to the Democratic party so that by the 1990s the Democrats had fund raising parity with the Republicans.

This essentially killed the liberal class."


"Our system doesn't work, and it doesn't work, ultimately, not because of Sarah Palin, or the Christian right, or Glenn Beck. It doesn't work BECAUSE THE LIBERAL CLASS FAILED US. The liberal class failed to find the intellectual and moral fortitude to defend liberal values at a time they were under egregious assault."

~ Chris Hedges

Hedges has a new book called The Death of the Liberal Class.

Here he is talking about it.

Chris Hedges Q&A "The Death of the Liberal Class"

Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear below, fuck Condi-lair Rice up the ass the fucking cunt needs to be at The Hague with the other war criminals...
posted by Uncle $cam at 8:20 PM
Anonymous DaveS said...
anal sex is too good an end (ahem) for her or any of the others who've lied, killed and cheated all the world's people.

I think Les Visible has a really good idea: tattoo every inch of the fuckers skin with dollar signs and let them live like lepers amongst the people they've screwed.

This Christmas it might be fun to spend the week camped at the base of the Aspen Ski area with a bunch of others yelling at the greedheads who will be sliming the place up. Maybe a few feces-filled snowballs?

There are plenty of places the assholes go and play (jackson hole, wy) and these wealthy playgrounds would be the perfect place for any newly homeless to congregate... well, maybe not perfect, because it's cold as hell and lots (parking lots) of snow... but there's a king's ransom worth of empty trophy homes to repossess and, best of all, is the chance to beg change from one of the very architects of these horrible times. HooHaw!

When will the people wake up? Must be something in the food.

p.s. U$, thanks again for this vid:
7:12 AM  
Anonymous uncle $cam said...
prot a noblem... follow his colleagues too... and the franklin school...
10:54 PM  
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