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Tuesday, October 05, 2010. *
posted by Uncle $cam at 8:28 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your phrasing of the article's title seems to imply a future tense.
Having read the article I see why you would put it that way.
The agenda is just so brazenly blatant now (as per article) that one might almost forget that this has been going on for a long, long time.
The proof is in the decline and people's intellectual inability to look beyond the usual scapegoats the astroturfing elites like to drag out into the midst of the false left/right dichotomy for their consumer slaves to lynch.
I hear the cries all over of "Wake Up" but the herd is awake and unwilling to turn against the ingrained indoctrinations and false mythologies that have created a distorted and self-destructive personal and national identity.

The word conspiracy almost seems inadequate to describe the way humanity has been played by the psychopaths and their servile wannabe minions.

12:45 PM  
Blogger tadcf said...
Important Announcement: We Need You
Many people question what Obama has done, consider these accomplishments:
Decreased the national debt by 8% .
In addition to stabilizing the Dow at above 10,000.

Though 80% are protected by private health insurance or medicare, the health care
insurance program was created to help protect the rest.

The challenge to solving the unemployment problem is not just creating industries that will
out-source jobs overseas, but to create industries that won't. The old way just doesn't work any more. Do you really think the Republicans are that innovative?

Obama's administration reformed the rules of the Wall Street financial industries. It's not
enough—I agree—but at least the Congress got something positive accomplished amidst
Republican objections. To view a list of 100 of Obama accomplishments, see:

What would Republicans do if they got into office:

Republicans support reinstating Bush tax cut for millionaires and billionaires, which would
deny the government $700 billion—sorely needed to combat the deficit the Republicans left us.
Republicans say it will be reinvested in the economy. But will it? It didn't happen last time. What a gamble, based on a theory. I say 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'--no pun intended.

Some of the most radical Republicans have seemed to suggest 'gun play' if they lose; or
suggest ending social programs—like medicare and social security—because they're too expensive, while profiting from these very programs all these years; or that science is creating mice with fully developed human brains. And now some anti-abortionists are even suggesting citizenship for zygotes. Do we really want persons like this representing the American people?.

How will they improve the economy? All they do is complain about 'tax and spend'
Democrats. What's their plan? The new plan is just the old plan. While the conservatives were in power, during the past 10 years, America's middle class income has been reduced by 5%!{01647C10-C1BB-11DF-BA89-00212804637C}

Many Conservatives have exhibited intolerance—similar to the KKK—currently directed
toward the Muslims and LGBT's, and sounds like they would limit freedom. This attitude is suggested by statements of 'Birthers', and a wealth of pictures depicting President Obama as a witch doctor or pimp or Hitler. Do you really want these kind of sentiments having an influence on our government? Changing the economy is not an easy job—ask Ronald Reagan. He had unemployment of about 9.8% for two years—and that was a mild recession compared to this near depression.

And Tea Party candidates are just going to be co-oped into the Republican Party. A vote for
them is just as good as a vote for the Republicans. It's them or us!

Dismantling or privatizing social security, medicare, and veteran's health care—how well
would that have worked, for example, when the bottom fell out of the stock market a couple of years
ago? We've all got a stake in this dog and pony show! Apathy is not allowed.

If you agree with what I've said here, go out and vote for the Democratic candidate in November, so we don't throw this country back into the Dark Ages.
7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Week or two ago, I read that Florida Federal Court has successfully prosecuted 6 or 7 cases of slavery in the last 10 years.

Late last night on on of the chat boards someone posted that 10 or 12 people in Michigan had been arrested for slavery.
9:38 AM  
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