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Tuesday, September 21, 2010. *
By now it it is pretty obvious that you go to war with the financially insolvent lunatic anti-masturbationist that you have, not the financially insolvent lunatic anti-masturbationist you wish you had. Quite frankly, if it came out tomorrow that Christine O’Donnell had given herself a home abortion and sold the fetus to cannibals so she could buy meth, many Tea Baggers and conservatives would be falling all over themselves complimenting her plucky can-do attitude and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Because that is how they roll.
posted by riley dog at 11:43 AM
Anonymous Uncle $cam said...
continuing in the theme of rolling back the enlightenment...
3:22 AM  
Anonymous Uncle $ said...
oh, and fuck obomba...

"If we are to have peace on earth…we must develop a world perspective."
--Martin Luther King Jr., December 24, 1967
3:26 AM  
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