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Wednesday, September 01, 2010. *

Yeah, we ALL need to laugh more...

and find the beauty (SEE BELOW) beyond the NEEDED codeine and bourbon...

NPR changes it's name to NPR / (National Programing Revenge) 

Your Grandmother Was An Opium Whore:

and so is NPR (National Prop-agenda Radio/TV)

This is for you, America, and me...

posted by Uncle $cam at 5:39 AM
Anonymous DaveS said...
Moyers says: "...the public increasingly is content
with just enough news to confirm its own biases."

Or as depech mode say;

Come on and lay with me
Come on and lie to me
Tell me you love me
Say I'm the only one

Experiences have a lasting impression
But words once spoken
Don't mean a lot now
Belief is the way
The way of the innocent
And when I say innocent
I should say naive
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it

Promises made for convenince
Aren't necessarily
What we need
Truth is a word
That's lost it's meaning
The truth has become
Merely half truth
So lie to me
Like they do it in a factory
Make me think
That at the end of the day
Some great Reward
Will be coming my way.

Uncle, another good post. I can't imagine how you're able to amass all those videos that you show us, but let me say, thanks. I can't imagine watching all the crap you must watch before you find the gems you share.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Uncle $cam said...
Haha.. dave sd, "I can't imagine watching all the crap you must watch before you find the gems you share."

I rarely see any crap, I just know where the good webpages are...haha.. been doing this for a long time, I know where to go...
10:38 PM  
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