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Saturday, September 11, 2010. *
In 2000, the State Department unilaterally declassified these once top secret documents from 1966 and placed them on the Internet at the Lyndon Banes Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why: Treason In Wartime.

Members of the National Security Council blatantly disregarded presidential directives issued during NSC meetings.

Most, if not all, of the members of the NSC of June 1966, are deceased but the documents are alive and well and provide readers from around the world the treachery embedded and the "CIA within the CIA".

Trails Of Deceit

Ironically, the next document, written in 1998, provides the linkage for exposing the State Department documents, above, for what they are; Treason.

An American P.O.W. --- In America

The CIA continues to respond to FOIA requests for the last forty plus years claiming they have no files on this matter and were not involved in any manner. The last FOIA request submitted to CIA received a response; "These matters remain classified". That in itself is progress. The new breed at CIA is not up to date on their predecessors "sources and methods".

The question remains; does the current NSC and it's members from CIA, FBI, DIA, DoD, NSA, State Department, Homeland Security Department and the myriad of other organizations who sit at the NSC table also engaged, from time to time, in similar treachery by disregarding or modifying current presidential directives? How would we know how and why our foreign policy actions forced military conflicts of various nations around the globe?
Are we to assume the Treason In Wartime of June, 1966, was an aberration or the norm of standard operating procedure, notwithstanding the political cover for all presidents of "plausible deniability"?

President Johnson issued a statement in March, 1968 that he "...would not seek, nor accept, my parties nomination for reelection as president of The United States". LBJ knew he had been dis-served by his closest advisers. Knowing what happened to JFK, he went quietly back to his Texas ranch contemplating what might have been. It would be an additional 32 years before this information surfaced.

The website for these URL's has had 2,000,000+ visitors from around the world, including the alphabet agencies listed above.

John McCarthy

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