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Sunday, September 12, 2010. *
Texas Skateboarder Stops Christian Extremist From Burning The Qur’an

Baseball Player Steals American Flag from Protesters About to Burn it at Dodger Stadium...

April 25th, 1976... A protestor jumps from the stands during a day game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with an American Flag and a can of lighter fluid. He runs to a spot in shallow center field and spreads the flag out on the ground, then starts dousing it with the lighter fluid. His 11 year old son runs up a moment later and begins to light the flag on fire...

Enter Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs. He swoops on the two protestors, sweeps up the flag, and keeps running. One of the protestors throws either the can of lighter fluid or the lighter at him from behind...

When Rick Monday, Chicago Cub, comes up to bat the next inning at Dodger Stadium, he gets a STANDING OVATION from the Dodger crowd while the scoreboard flashes in the outfield "RICK MONDAY... YOU MADE A GREAT PLAY!"

The next season, he's traded to the Dodgers, where he goes on to be instrumental in their World Series championship in 1981 and is with the Dodger organization to this day as an announcer.

You tell me: Juxtaposed next to the skateboarder who stole the Koran that was about to be burned... who was right, and who was wrong? Both right? Both Wrong?

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Anonymous DaveS said...

Thanks for keeping the blog goin'.

I appreciate you work and I always find something here to remind me why I'm so pissed-off at the system.


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