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Thursday, July 15, 2010. *
Mark Twain's personal copy of Theodore Roosevelt's book, "A Square Deal," on which Twain wrote the word banalities over the title, is seen in the University of California, Berkeley, archive on July 9.

He did, after all, warn us long before Ike and his impotent MIC speech.

 Dead for a Century, Twain Says What He Meant

I see more of our boys have died here recently, lead by men, warriors murderers who ought know better...

War Foretold: Mark Twain and the Sins of Our Race

Testimony by Col. Martin Schweitzer--ironically often used as support for the contention that Human Terrain Teams, with embedded social scientists, help to save lives--is here telling us that Special Operations Forces relied on the information products of Human Terrain Teams. We see a small sample of what those SOF have done in deadly night raids.

the Oedipal crime?

by living other people’s systems and creeds we lose ourselves,-if we even ever come into ourselves-, tragically many never do and they become pawns of the elite, others become quite literally "Mindless" lost and drifting in need to be told what to do, these poor souls are easily destroyed by the venture, lead by men who have a religious impulse.

Note: According to Oreskes in her Merchants of Doubt, (see below) we are betrayed by scientists authoritarians  not for money, (at least not directly) but by for ideology. The money is only a side benefit. I think it is a religious urge.
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