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Sunday, July 11, 2010. *

I highly suggest watching all three parts....

Again: Money Is Not Real! J.P. MORGAN HAS TRUMPED DEMOCRACY....This is fascism!!!

They've tried it before,

only this time they have succeeded behind a black face, in the hidden form of "progress".

and here's the next phase: Package Bomb Goes Off At Oil Executives Home grep what I'm saying?

Linda Minor:
Russ talks about the BP oil blowout and reads from his book about the oil connection to the Gammell family of Scotland--Ivory & Syme. Cairn Energy was operated by Bill Gammell. Bill Gammell went to prep school with Tony Blair at Edinburgh. Blair's partnership with Bush helped to form the "coalition" in taking out Saddam. BP was a big part of the plan.
Russ also goes into the reason he was fascinated by what Bush was doing on Nov. 22, 1963--because he had said previously he could not remember where he was that day.

now you get it?!
posted by Uncle $cam at 10:28 PM
Anonymous DaveS said...
Yeah, I've got it... now what?

That's more difficult to answer, isn't it?

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Uncle $cam said...
now what? Grow food? Stock ammo? learn to communicated better? Hell, if I know. Perhaps, it's more of a philosophical question than you realize. Perhaps, as the saying goes, "the answers can't be given they can only be received". In other words, I feel drawn to point these things out and to try to pass them along in the spirit of Samzidat. What other choose to do with the signal is for them to work out; the signal to noise is ratio is heavy in our saturated prop-agenda driven world. I'll have more on my next post. See, 'Merchants of Doubt':How a handful of scientists obscured the truth on Issues from Tobacco smoke to Global Warming. According to Not for money, (at least directly) but for ideology. Which to me, is even scarier.
9:37 PM  
Anonymous DaveS said...
The 'now what?' question is meant to encourage thoughtful introspection.
It's easy to get lost following the snail trail of slime left behind where ever the ptb travel. It's another thing to think about how to clean-up the mess.
In our current world it isn't hard to point-out the problems... hell, just close your eyes and point, and most likely you'll be pointing at a problem.
That said, I must also commend you on finding the best places to point your finger. This post blew me away as much as the Edward Bernays you linked to back in the days of the Moon.
I'm glad you're keeping this place fresh... you have an interesting sense about what's worth paying attentions to and post like this are priceless.
11:04 PM  
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