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Wednesday, June 23, 2010. *
Speaking of a shakedown...Gates, Petraeus , McChrystal, Orzag, Rahm

Clean out your desks...

As another says, "Unlike our beloved Constitution, [and our Constitutionally wimp president], Article 88 could not be more specific". That our honor filled chain-of-command military, isn't already preparing courts-martial for these two, and THE ABRUPT removal of GATES says a lot about where we stand as a nation. But what do  I know, from my basement, eh? 

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posted by Uncle $cam at 2:33 AM
Blogger Chris Watson said...
Article 88 was bad law used by the Clinton administration to stifle dissent in the ranks and it seems that President Camacho [sic] has now used it to fire one of the most effective warriors we've ever had.
1:16 AM  
Blogger Uncle $cam said...
Some of us know the difference between a warrior and a cold blooded killer. Your man is no warrior.
1:29 AM  
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