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Tuesday, May 04, 2010. *

I have moved completely autocratically this time and changed the AmSam guiding animus/patron saint to Rachel Corrie. From Lenny Bruce, who followed the original: Bucky Fuller.

Comment if you have other ideas. Thanks!


posted by Dr. Menlo at 4:17 PM
Blogger Don Durito said...
Rachel Corrie is a great choice.

Hopefully once the dust settles a little I'll be able to start posting more again.

Otherwise, Notes From Underground is still working, and every once in a while I get to post something. Been very swamped.
11:42 AM  
Blogger Philip Shropshire said...
I have a great picture of Rachel. Her problem was that she was killed by politically connected thugs...she would be a household name if only an evil swarthy undocumented mexican taliban person had whacked her...
1:57 PM  
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