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Saturday, March 06, 2010. *
FTP publishing will no longer be available after May 1, 2010

You currently have blogs that are published using FTP. You must migrate your blogs to a new custom domain URL or a blogspot URL. To learn more, see our dedicated blog and help documentation.

Start migration now

Notice, the above is NOT an option, there is no choice, it infers progress but is it? Welcome to the acquiescence of making it easier for the authoritarians to monitor and police, censor, control and manipulate your thoughts, opinions, and blog.

“World War Three will be a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” ~ Marshall McLuhan, 1968
posted by Uncle $cam at 3:01 AM
Blogger Anthony Kennerson said...
Two alternaitves:

1) Keep your domain and move to a cheap adult-friendly/non-censorious file host, like (which I use, whose webhosting package starts at $9.95 a month); then transfer all your blogs and webpages to WordPress via;


simply transfer all of your blogs over to and run them through their free blog service, which doesn't censor (at least, not now).

7:54 AM  
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