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Wednesday, March 03, 2010. *
Sorry about that. Moved servers a few months back, forgot to change path of that. Working to get comments back up asap. Always feel free to email me: drmenlo @

Also - and I know some will scoff! - I set up I wanted to grab the url but I don't use that account much. But if you add me I will accept and add you from my real name account, which I use a little more. Some harbingers I know detest FB. I can understand some of these criticisms. But I believe in issue-based alliances from the ground up, so all these forms of social networking just seem conducive to this.

As far as privacy goes, after learning of Carnivore and Echelon over ten years ago, I have long ago given up on that on the internets. While, as some point out, 'the internet is the greatest mass spying tool ever invented,' there still isn't total Control of the internet, tho this is likely to be changed (or attempted) soon or soonish, so I will continue trying to put out the alternative memes until then . . . [and then what? samizdats old school? underground printing presses or kinko's . . . or internets 2, 3, 4 or more . . . ]
posted by Dr. Menlo at 12:17 PM
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