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Thursday, March 18, 2010. * Status
As Uncle $cam mentioned, Blogger is going to stop working with ftp, and yes that means us. I still have to figure this out entirely but I will before the deadline. Any input?

As far as their hosting, they don't allow nudes, I think, so my and SLA are screwed. May is also the ten year anniversary of Dr. Menlo. Funny coincidence. may be hosted by google because there are (usually) no nudes, so I have to look into this. We can also do Wordpress, archive this one and start over. It's extremely annoying and I would pay for the service to keep as is but it is not an option . . .

Any input?

p.s. not sure what the hell is going on with blogger now. This hasn't published since the 8th? I am working on it. Maybe taking out the comments will work. Any experts on the new blogger? Any comments / thoughts please email me: drmenlo @ Thanks! Oh yea I will publish this manually until I figure it out. [preview template, see source, copy, save as index.htm, upload via ftp to replace old one.]

update: ah, it looks like someone hit that button 'move this blog' or migrate it or whatever . . . I had made our top posters 'admin' - maybe one hit it without thinking . . . hm . . ok . . . am working on it . . .
posted by Dr. Menlo at 6:31 PM
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