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Thursday, January 21, 2010. *
Slavoj Zizek on how liberal, centrist technocrats are handing the energy of popular outrage to liberal policies over to right wing reactionaries on a silver platter... ~Gouda

"I think Berlusconi is one of the options for our future."

"I mean, Berlusconi we know is a living obscenity, but I don’t think this is just a joke. There is something very strange going on where it’s as if the state, or political powers, are discovering it can function in a totally cynical way..."

“Look at Italy if you want to see how our future authoritarianism will look.”

"It’s not the old style authoritarianism. It is…to call it by its name, Groucho Marx Authoritarianism. This is our future, I claim."

“My message to liberals is, are you aware that…your own dynamic of your own system is generating this nationalist, populist, potentially racist reaction?!”
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