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Monday, August 24, 2009. *
rumor mills
I listened in on the Obama conference call last Thursday for health care reform strategy. There was nothing in what I heard then which would lead me to believe that Obama has backed off the public option. During the conference call, he called the public option controversy "kind of manufactured" and generally blamed the cable news set for misleading the electorate as to what is in the bill. This whole thing about him saying "whether or not there is a public option"...people have to remember that the administration isn't writing the legislation. Congress is.

It seems to me that a lot of the talk about the division on the left is trumped up by the media--"left," "right" or "center"--which in no way wants America to have anything remotely like a national health care plan. So while at first I was taken in by the talk that Obama had thrown in the towel, I don't believe it anymore. Things like this from the Washington Post, cite too few concrete examples of dissent on the left to make a trend, relying on unnamed sources to balloon the argument.

In any case, the show isn't over yet.
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