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Tuesday, August 04, 2009. *
Did I read somewhere that the Obama administration just passed the 200 day mark? Hmph. I'm more interested in knowing whether someone has been keeping track of how many words he's thrown at us and the rest of the universe since he took office. A million? Two?

But it's not just him. A few minutes ago, I ran screaming from Twitter, stuffing in earplugs and tying a bandanna over my eyes. To do what? Write words about words. Blah blah blah ...

I want a moratorium. I want some verbal silence, replaced with careful, non-reactive thought and then, effective action. We really need to stop and really need to think. In Twitter parlance, I'd be very happy if Oblahma, his handlers, Congress, and the media (including the "alternative", "social" media) would just STFU for at least a week, better, for a month. What if we all just went for a walk in the woods - some place where the dozers and backhoes aren't parked because the developers lost their funding?

Yeah, yeah: it's really kinda refreshing that we now have a president with a working knowledge of the English language. I do, however, have to say that it grates on my nerves every time he says "tuh" instead of "to". Nobody's perfect, though, even the anointed world spokesman for "hope" and "change". But "refreshing" is not what we need. We don't need to be refreshing the same web page, because the content hasn't changed since Obama's picture replaced Bush's.

The Bush administration's job was clear and they did it well: destroying the United States of America as a national entity. Mainly, it succeeded in nullifying the Constitution, implementing the framework of a security state, and bankrupting the country fiscally, mentally, and emotionally.

There really weren't many words spoken by the President during his administrations. He kept embarrassing himself and everybody else. As Dick Cheney knew, the trick was to act, to just keep moving, and keep giving everyone the finger when they caught on and complained. Lie. Avoid. Obfuscate. Ignore. It worked. All those words from us, claiming that The Dubbleduh-Chainey Gang was "stupid" or "crazy" were just plain wrong. Most of us just couldn't fathom the fact that they had the strategy, tactics, and balls to pull it off.

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