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Monday, July 20, 2009. *
There are three men who have set the standard for mass media journalism - Murrow, Cronkite, and Moyers. Unlike many of my readers, I am sure, I am old enough to have been influenced directly and personally by all three.

My memories of Edward R. Murrow are fleeting and vague. I heard him on the radio and saw him on TV in the early days. He was a man my father said he trusted, so I never doubted that what he reported was accurate and honest.

Bill Moyers is still around. I trust him so much that in early 2007, I jumped on the "Draft Moyers for President" bandwagon. You knew that Bill had integrity when he refused to compromise himself and his values by answering the call. Part of me, I must admit, is still sorry that he didn't run, but I respect him for it. He can do more damage to the culture of lies right where he is. I'm certain that his stint as LBJ's press secretary soured him on DC politics for good. He has continuously worked hard to redeem himself in the grand church of honest journalism ever since his White House days. And now, Moyers is the last man standing (notwithstanding Andy Rooney)...

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