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Monday, June 08, 2009. *

I did some canvassing a few weeks ago in the Monroeville/Greensburg area (Tim Murphy's district. Note the poll on the bottom right.) on the Carbon Caps bill that's in congress right now. I was hired indirectly by the Environmental Defense Fund which supports Carbon Caps.

The bill came out of Henry Waxman's very powerful committee but its gotten some heavy criticism from the likes of Greenpeace and other environmental organizations. If I understand their criticisms its entirely possible that this bill could create a lot of jobs, but they wouldn't be clean jobs and there would be no incentive to create clean jobs. In fact, the bill could create a lot of coal jobs which is the worst thing in the world for anybody who calls him or herself an "enviromentalist". In fact, it's quite clear that in a choice between coal and nuclear, some environmentalists would choose nuclear. (Emphasis on "some": I'm with the new guy at Greenpeace. We need to push renewables.) Nuclear energy creates waste but its not carbon waste.

Meanwhile, MoveOn is working to strengthen the bill. I got this press release today. I hope they're successful. They're urging you to sign a petition.

(By the way, this is something that you can actually do in order to try to make the world a better place. Not as satisfying as saying "Obama sux" everyday but probably more beneficial in the long term...)

Dear MoveOn member,

If you haven't been paying attention to the fight in Congress over President Obama's clean energy jobs plan, now's the time to tune in. This is the most important opportunity in generations to jumpstart our economy and fight the climate crisis.

Unfortunately, powerful oil and coal interests have had a stranglehold on our energy policy, demanding loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways from taxpayers. They've won concessions that weaken the bill's ability to deliver on the full promise of clean energy jobs.

But now, progressives are coming together to push back. MoveOn has joined with groups across the progressive movement, from the Sierra Club to ACORN to Oxfam to Rock the Vote, to tell Congress to stand strong against the special interests that seek to weaken the clean energy bill at every turn.

We can strengthen and improve this bill, if clean energy leaders in Congress will join our fight. Can you sign MoveOn's petition to Congress? Clicking here will sign your name:

The petition says: "We need a stronger energy bill to fulfill Obama's vision of a clean energy economy. Congress should strengthen the clean energy standards and restore Obama's authority to crack down on dirty coal plants."

In particular, we need Congress to stand up for three key changes to the latest version of the energy bill:

    • Ensure more clean energy for America: Require power companies to produce more clean energy. Wind and solar create more than twice as many jobs as coal and oil.
    • Hold polluters accountable: Restore President Obama's current authority through the EPA to crack down on global warming pollution from power plants.

    • Create more clean energy jobs for America and build resiliency to climate change: Reduce giveaways to polluting industries in order to bolster green job development and protect vulnerable communities.

The full list of groups that are calling on congressional leaders to strengthen the clean energy jobs bill is impressive: 1Sky, ACORN, Democracia Ahora, Environment America, Green For All, Health Care Without Harm, Oxfam, Rock the Vote, the Sierra Club, and USAction, along with MoveOn. It's a real show of strength.

We need to urge Congress to strengthen and improve this bill. Clicking here will add your name to MoveOn's petition:

Thank you for all you do.

–Anna, Adam, Joan, Noah and the rest of the team

P.S. You can read the full text of the groups' joint letter to Congress at

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