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Tuesday, June 30, 2009. *
It's A Bing Thing
© Leslie Blanchard

Over the last 10-12 days I've started 3 articles. I get my premise nailed down, and then BAM, all these little parasitic thoughts leech onto the underlying theme, where they twist, contrast, and hijack my article. They spawn creating the need for their own separate voices, their own articles.

Now I can blame some of the noise in my head on Multiple Sclerosis-after all I am in a constant drug-induced state. Also, with M.S. you get sensory overload pretty easily (at least in my case). But I truly believe it is more than that. It's a Bing Thing. First time I saw that commercial, man I felt like I hit the mother-lode. That is how my brain functions.

My partner of 14 years is used to it and she can usually figure out what I mean when my words get twisted i.e. twords get risted. She can understand that when I ask her to turn off the refrigerator- I mean the television. But as of late, she says I'm starting in the middle of the conversation, or that I didn't include her in the first part of the discussion. What happens is we'll be talking - maybe about the garden & how our tomatoes are doing. Then 10-15 minutes later,after the tomato discussion, I'll say something like "Yeah, Daddy used to whip them, the neighbors thought he was nuts, but they always wanted to get hold of ours." She'll think about for a few minutes and then say "Uh, I wasn't around for the start of this conversation, explain." In my head it makes perfect sense so I have to think on it a bit, usually I'll find the missing connection. In this case it was about the way my Dad grew tomatoes, he'd shake the plants, lightly whip them. Neighbors thought he was loony, but we always had the biggest, best tasting tomatoes on the street, and they'd always hope that we'd have too many and give them away.

So I've been kinda studying on this Bing thing a little. How my writing has been affected by it is simple really. I started a piece on The Bilderberg Group. I began to list a few of the many members, like David Rockerfeller, John Foster, Ben Bernanke, Harold Ford Jr., etc. Then I think about the link between Ford Jr. and how Ford Motors didn't need any bailout. Presto-Chango another topic- another story. Between the 3 articles I have started I probably have 17 articles waiting to be birthed. Then I get anxious. Then I go into hibernation. Then I write nothing. So when my good friend ddjango told me yesterday to "write something Dammit!" I figured I might as well write about why I can't write.

We had thunderstorms this morning, so I had time to think on all of this without the TV, radio, or Internet in the background. Now I see that it isn't just search overload. It's media overload. Last week we lost a lot of celebrities. Thursday morning Farrah Fawcett lost her long battle with cancer, by 5 p.m. she's not even mentioned anymore, because Michael Jackson died. But Farrah wasn't the only thing that fell off the radar. Suddenly no news coverage of Iran, or North Korea's missile ship, or the 2 wars we are illegally waging. In fact something happened yesterday that 90% of America should know, but don't, a military coop in Honduras. True there was some, sparse mentions of it on Twitter, a tiny little snippet on TV news, but that's about it. Another thing that happened was when Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including Noble laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Now several of us on Twitter got this out and going strong. But today so far, I've seen little mention of it.

My point, I do have one, is how convenient it is that they have trained us, drugged us with fluoride and aspartame to give us a shorter attention span than your typical 6 week old kitten. Especially at this point in history when decades old plans are about to come to fruition. Those of us who still hung on and investigated the news stories that we only saw once, big stories that just disappeared, well now they (they=them, NWO, politicians, world leaders all working together and at the same time at cross purposes) they have found another way to distract us. The Bing Thing. The increasing links of one thing to another, then another, then even more, easing us into forgetting what we were originally researching, thinking, reporting. Seems 6 degrees of separation is too close for comfort. We now must have 600 degrees of separation or some of us that are fed up with the status quo might just get too close to the truth.

I'm definitely not saying to abandon the Internet- it's really the only place to find truth in reporting, from citizen journalists. But we have to learn who is bankrolling the news we do get on line and add that to the equation before we totally buy one source's version of the truth. People like myself and many others on Twitter, many other bloggers- don't earn a dime. So at least we don't have the corruption of money shaping our slants. But, it's obvious that no one can be totally,truthfully non-biased on anything. We are the sum of our parts. I present items I believe to be true. I read opposite viewpoints. Then try to reach what is true for me. Please folks- do the same. Don't let them Bing thing you. As always, Peace.

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