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Sunday, May 31, 2009. *

ITEM: And yeah, this is why Richard Dawkins is a mean ol atheist. Religion simply isn't harmless. From Pharyngula:

These are the people who fuel the kind of self-righteous ignorance that encourages people to picket reproductive health clinics, treat ob-gyns as public criminals, and incite murder. The heroes are the doctors who sacrifice so much — privacy, security, and in this case, their life — to provide essential services to women, the women in whom Reaganites find so little value, unless they are pregnant. One of the tragedies of this recent killing and the conservative tradition is that it will be increasingly difficult to find heroes brave enough to step into this role…exactly as these narrow-minded, puritanical enemies of human liberty want.

He (Dawkins) is probably not thrilled about Saudi funded fundie schools, either. Related: Also from Pharyngula, something positive you can do.

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