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Wednesday, May 27, 2009. *
There have been a number of progressive ads out there that I kinda like. Here's the short version of the Obama presidency so far. He tends toward evil but he's not a completely relentless flood of darkness and blight. Or: a center right person is better than the republican right center out and out fascism persons that we had to choose from. There are some bright spots in his policies. He's personally put several hundred dollars into my pocket as an unemployed person. So its hard to get my hatred up for him.

For me and in the long term there are three issues that he has to deliver on: health care, EFCA and carbon caps. If he delivers on health care, or manages to put 60 million Americans onto the path of health coverage, then I think he wins reelection quite easily. I say that because I would be one of those 60 million people who would receive health care. I'm making an assumption here that the public option will pass with teeth. If not, and I have to depend on my friendly neighborhood health care insurer then nothing really changes. If he doesn't deliver on health care, then I agree with Howard Dean that Obama won't be reelected and that Dems will start losing ground starting in the 2010 midterms. He can strike out on EFCA and carbon caps, but not healthcare. I really think he needs all three to secure the dem base.

There have been some great ads running on the Youtubes concerning the public option for healthcare. First up is Howard Dean:

You might have also seen those awful insurance industry ads featuring insurance lobby hack Rick Scott (Did you know that Canadians really really hate their health care system? Yeah neither did I. Check out this response from The Real News.). I won't show those here. But here's a great counter ad:

I also think that labor's EFCA ads are stunning. They really hit home.

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