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Wednesday, May 06, 2009. *
Well hey I'll stick around for awhile. My only beefs with Uncle Scam and Django were that they would occasionally say silly things like, for example, that there was no difference between Obama and McCain, with a side order of loopy Palin. I really do think you have to vote tactically sometimes.

Two, I think you have to offer more than just criticism. Yes, it might be true that the Earth is hurtling into the Sun but saying "Obama sux and we're still hurtling toward the sun" isn't very helpful. And, quite frankly, Uncle Scam, I could see where that would get boring if that's all you wrote. You have to offer some solutions. Its clear that Obama has to be lobbied. The good news: he can be lobbied. We've won some early battles. Lost some too, but at least we have a shot occasionally. So, for my part, whenever I write about anything politically, I will always try to point you to something that you can actually do. Just like if the Earth was heading toward the sun and we had a year or two I might recommend that you build this, and then put it on top of that. Not just "Obama sux and it sure is getting hot around here..." and "oh, isn't it funny har har...."

Three, I really think if we want the site to evolve we have to adopt the Daily Kos model. That would mean leaving the blogger model for the scoop model. It isn't easy to do that. In fact, it looks like learning scoop would be hard. I was waiting for some kind of easier blogger/scoop app that would come along but so far nuthin'....

So, hey, I'll try to keep contributing something useful here...

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posted by Philip Shropshire at 12:21 PM
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