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Tuesday, May 19, 2009. *
It is for each of us to choose who we follow and what we believe at this point. If you see a bunch of drunks playing with fireworks, you have to decide if you’ve had enough beers to want to join them or whether there might not be some other way to occupy your time. ~ Les Visible, Smoking Mirrors
Those who ponder the concept of a "new world order" speak of it as a looming future event, as if the evil plotters will convene in a gloomy, cathedral-like room of an ancient castle, throw the Frankenstein switch, and awaken the gruesome monster to eat all except the drooling new Master.

The reality, of course, is that such an event will not take place. The reality is also that every day events, conversations, and actions take place that move us toward clashing centralizations and chaos, freedoms and incarcerations, progress and retrenchment, poverties and riches. The matrices and paradigms shift and melt and mingle and drift, each instance noted (or not) by the MSM and viral hysteria on Twitter and at PrisonPlanet.

Sadly, we shake our heads as we watch Alex Jones shrieking through his bull-horn at a fancy hotel, his entourage of thirty or so souls surveilled openly by twice that number of blue-jeaned security thugs. We gotcha, he wails. We will win! Heh. We've got 'em, all right - right where they want us . . .

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