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Saturday, May 02, 2009. *
Dear Readers
I apologize for my absence of late. If you knew the reasons why I was preoccupied, you would forgive me . . . but these are things I wouldn't want to burden you with. Obviously there is a big hole here without the great Uncle $cam. My question to you is: what direction would you like to see American Samizdat go in? Any and all input would be appreciated. This site will not die. It will go on . . . I and Philip Shropshire at least will put new energy into it. But your suggestions would definitely be appreciated, thank you. :)

[Btw, me and Philip previously worked together on Warblogger Watch, which used to be mined with a one minute redirect, but this was taken off recently. I am very proud of our work here.]
posted by Dr. Menlo at 8:21 AM
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