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Friday, April 24, 2009. *
I want to see the evidence.

I am grown totally frustrated and impatient with the cult of Obama, with the cult of the President in all. Please don't speak to me of "it's only three months, give him time". The administration has had ample time to show their course and it is clear that the course has not changed from the velocity by which we have proceeded for fifty years or more: a course of attempted conquest, imperialism, genocide, destructive and always-shifting international alliances with evil forces, and outright lying to and manipulation and exploitation of American citizens and the diverse peoples of the world.

I want to see the evidence.

The evidence that Obama is his own man. The evidence that he is dedicated to democracy. The evidence that he is in control - not beholden to the same oligarchy, corporatocracy, and fascist elements stabbing their tentacles into every vulnerable pore of a hypnotized and weary society. I need the evidence. I will show you mine - do you have it in you to show me yours? . . .

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