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Wednesday, April 22, 2009. *
The petition to impeach Bybee.

From Voters for Peace:

As David Swanson, a Project Board Member of Voters for Peace wrote:

"Just take a look at the memos officially attributed to Bybee, and consider whether we can maintain any sort of legitimate government without impeaching him, and whether we want him overruling decent honest judges for the next 30 years. Bybee gave President Bush, upon request, "legal opinions" that a president can ignore international laws, that laws do not apply to various groups of people, that a president can kidnap, detain, and ship off to other lands human beings with no due process, and that Congress has no power to interfere with anything a president does."

How can the United States put this torture history behind us if we do not take the essential action of removing Judge Bybee from the bench? His actions constitute war crimes. Please act now and urge Congress to impeach Judge Bybee.
Click here to write your representative to urge impeachment of Judge Bybee.


Kevin Zeese

Executive Director

And you might as well sign the petition for an independent prosecutor for Bush Torture crimes.

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