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Monday, March 16, 2009. *
The Invisible One Quadrillion Dollar Equation -- Asymmetric Leverage and Systemic Risk

Also see, swollen with fantasy backed by nothing. which Covers:

Naked short selling (#1 scam that Wall St mafia uses to bankrupt small companies), Wikipedia manipulation, SlimVirgin, Jimbo Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Gary Weiss, DTCC, lies, Jewish mafia on Wall Street, destruction of companies, use of anti-semitism label as a weapon, Bear Stearns fall, Lehman Bros etc etc.

Unbelievable presentation! The level of proof will make your head spin.

You will never look at Wikipedia the same way after watching this!

Finally, A.I.G. Lists Firms It Paid With Taxpayer Money

As b over at MOA, mentions, "Yeah - they list recipients of some $70 billion the taxpayer gave them. But the total they got is near $180 billion - where did the rest go? The NYT piece does not even ask the question."
The outrage of DC politicians about these bonuses is staged. Opportunities to restrain or forbid such bonuses were included in each of the several bailout bills Congress debated. They were promptly deleted on the excuse that irreplaceable people would promptly quit without their usual bonuses, costing the financial industry their most skilled people during a major crisis.

Besides, these bonuses amount to 3% or so of the bailout money. That leaves 97% that is NOT being discussed. It just goes out the door.

AIG is an irrigation barrel, feeding money right out of two dozen hoses at the bottom as soon as money is put in at the top. The hoses lead to banks and sovereign funds in China, Japan, Europe, Saudi Arabia and offshore banks in the Cayman Islands (which is where America's corporate giants put their tax-haven monies).

The Obama folks know all this, and have no choice but to go along with trying to fill the AIG barrel.

If America does not make good on the fraud that was perpetrated on these investors by Wall Street's merry pranksters during these eight years just passed, these investors will cease all future investing in America, and America will once again be a nation of small farmers, but quick.

Like all modern corporations, our government answers to its investors first.

That ain't you.
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