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Tuesday, March 24, 2009. *
Hinterland Travel

Look, I’m all for it. Bring on the tourists, it’ll be fun. But this piece on the BBC is just a bit odd. The footage is filmed in front of Saddam’s old parade ground which is in the middle of the green zone. Normal folk, or should I just say it.. Iraqis, have no way of getting there unescorted. And they talk of visiting the ancient city of Babylon.. the last I heard is that an US army unit uses it as a base........And just in case you were wondering.. yes, I am a little bit jealous. Sour grapes and all that.

the travel agent even offers an the afghan road tour, of khyber pass!

"Tours of Iraq"? Jesus fucking Christ, is there no depravity we wont stoop too? Of course, that response is rhetorical, these craven jackals always go lower, there is no bottom for them. Case in point: Imagine, “There’s culture shock, and then there’s the culture shock of moving to a country that started a war in your home.”
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