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Tuesday, February 17, 2009. *
I wish I was a graphic artist, 'cuz I just designed (in my muddled head) a great new Nobama T-shirt. All I can do is describe it . . .

Background: the popular headshot image of the prez, but not in the colors that remind me of a bruise I developed on my shoulder in 1968, the result of a just-missed-my-noggin swing of a riot stick by a cop who took exception to my use of the word "pig" in reference to his ugly self. No, the colors are shades of gray - nothing quite white, nothing quite black. Perfect.

Foreground: in red block letters . . .

To Protect and Serve

Man, I am so already weary of you "Jesus says to vomit up mediocrity" dreamers who have latched onto the "Give Obama A Chance" mantra. You're gonna wait, and apologize for him, and cover his sorry ass long after the graffiti on the wall been tagged and painted over a thousand times. Losers. (Yeah, this is one a'those 'get the hell away from me' posts.)

OK. Gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and waste my fingertips 'splainin' it to you, Lucy. Here's the scorecard so far . . .
  • escalating a drone pogrom against civilians in Pakistan. The easy way - no US casualties, just Asian common folks who are guarding the whereabouts of bin Laden's gravesite
  • trillions of bad money after bad money, while trying to water down executive bonus and compensation limits
  • a cabinet filled with gangsters, except for several who had to cut and run 'cuz they got caught
  • support for Israeli genocide
  • ignoring evidence that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons - again. Boy, does he want this one!
  • investigations into criminal activities of the Dubbleduh-Chainey Gang stonewalled. He doesn't even want Rove to testify
  • support for FOIA suppression, wiretapping, increased surveillance, and continuing rendition

And I'm just restating the obvious.

Bluntly: this cat's job is just (1) to protect the post-capitalist system while it wrings every last cent from the humans on the planet into the cesspool pockets of probably a few hundred thousand foolers rulers and (2) serve the interests of the international Communitarians.

Here are only a few reasons why the people in the US have not taken to the streets: (a) gas is cheap again; (b) unemployment is still under 25%; (c) the propa-entertainment complex is very sophisticated; (d) mass hypnosis; (e) we're scared shitless of the potential response of the police and military should we get a little out of hand. The last of those, by the way, is valid. I know I'm terrified.

I want to leave you with some chips of a couple of pieces I ran across in the past coupla days . . .

First, from "Learned Helplessness" by Jim Moss at The Seminal:
Psychologists have observed a phenomenon in lab rats that is called learned helplessness:

What scientists will do is put a healthy rat in an uncontrollable situation, such as in a cylinder of water with nothing to stand on - and the rat will panic and swim and fight and fight and then, finally, when none of that works, it gives up. The rat has now learned helplessness. If you put the rat back in the water, but give it a hidden ledge to stand on, the rat won’t search for it or even try to swim, it’ll just give up and drown.

The phenomenon isn’t limited to rats, of course. It is also exhibited by human beings who are consistently exposed to life circumstances beyond their control. If someone gets beat down by an unfair system for long enough, they can lose hope that the system will ever change, and they can stop trying to fight against it. For example, listen to this comment made on reddit last week in response to a call for a grassroots movement to limit corporate power:

You can’t escape them (corporations). They own everything that you need/want/must have to live. So stop living in dreamland and come back down to reality. Yeah, it’s a good idea. But completely impossible.

Or to this one:

Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. Look around you. They’ve already won. They own everything, and right now, they’re in the process of sucking what little wealth remains in the hands of freestanding small businesses through the printing of money. It’s over. Shouldn’t have been asleep at the wheel so long. Fun ride, wasn’t it? But the piper’s come…
The second is from "The Decline of the World" at Socyberty . . .
What a sad world we live in. Traditions are crumbling, values and morals are getting lower and lower, truth and beliefs are being replaced with money and greed. What has gone wrong with the world?

Commercial Activity

It seems like commercial activities is what drives the world nowdays. Nothing is done without there being some type of gain for someone. Lets look at Christmas. You look in the shop windows, house lights, and in people homes and what do you see? Santa Clause and a stack of presents! If an alien were to visit the planet during the Christmas period, they would think the world worships a large, oversized old man with a white beard all dressed in red who rides a sleigh pulled by wierd creatures. What has happened to the story of the Birth of Jesus? What has happened to the Son of God being born in a manger? Where is the Star? Now it's all about money, money and more money . . .
It doesn't have to be about money. And the way things are headed, it won't be long before it ain't about money anymore.

It can be about community and caring and cooperation. But you're not ready. You're too scared. You can't see it. You'd rather brand me a cynical pessimist. I get it. It's OK.

Be at and about peace.

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