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Monday, February 23, 2009. *
Paul Krugman:
During the Bush years, it often seemed that on any given day all the leading conservative commentators were reading from the same list of talking points — because they were.

But without a conservative in the WH, who’s handing out the talking points now?

One thing’s for sure: someone is.
Republican party is playing kabuki like they have no real leadership right now, but they are remarkably on message. One of the reasons, I felt, that McCain did so poorly in the election was that, by and large, it seemed he wasn't in charge of his candidacy. Comparatively, Obama did seem to be in charge not only of his campaign but also of his party.

The Republican party (really, a consortium of Republican representatives, media pundits and Wall Street traders) is still being run from the shadows. Who's pulling the strings?
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