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Wednesday, January 14, 2009. *

Terence McKenna wrote, "If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed".

With the disservice of more and more publishing houses closing, both, from the recent worsening economy as well as the ever feeding generational corporate leviathan swallowing any and all public dissent, discourse and outlets of voices not relegated by our rulers, the iconoclastic modern poet is a rare thing.

Bob Wilson wrote, about 'games without end' and how the authoritarian, aka alpha males, were terrified of painters and poets, because they have the uncanny ability to break through the mirage of the system, to help us see which side of the mirror we are really on. They piss us off, show us our dirty laundry, like archeologist's help us excavate our trash, sadden us, make our hearts sing, and give voice, resonance and validation to the voiceless, but ultimately teach us empathy and make us more human, quite inconvenient for the machine.

The above is a local poet, I post this not because he is a dear friend, but in addition, because his work stands apart and alone from that, in that, in his ability to convey the things many often can't verbalize, poets are compassionate language trickster's, unsung hero's often taking us from the mundane to the profane and back again. They truly are the antenna of the human race.

Today I share with you AMERIKAN DETRITUS.

"The ship! The hearse! -- the second hearse!" cried Ahab from the boat. "It's wood could only be American!"
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