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Saturday, December 27, 2008. *

Trap people like rats in an open air prison then bomb the fuck out of them from the air...

Coward motherfuckers wont go in on the ground cause they'd get their ass handed to them...

I think it is about time to bring back the parallel: Gaza = Warsaw Ghetto.

there is also a serious need for work here to try to bring the truth about these attacks to the American audience since Israel flew US made and sold F16s and Apaches that drop the bombs. Israel could not do what it does without US approval - and while I am not hopeful that we can change US policy, we sure need to try.

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When, in a movie, you see a gun on a table, you can be sure someone will be shot within the next hour. Likewise, when yesterday Israel allowed 90 trucks into Gaza to deliver humanitarian assistance, you knew an attack was imminent.

Gaza has been under supertight siege for the last 2 months (not to be confused with the tight siege since Jan. 2006). It's an open-air prison with 1.5 million inmates denied food and medicine. Inexplicably, Hamas chose not to renew its 6-month truce with Israel. (What part of the word "starvation" could those terrorists possibly dislike?) It's been raining bombs over Sderot ever since and it can't be much fun living there: 9 Israelis have been killed since 2005; on the other hand, 1,400 Gazans have been killed by Israeli forces.

Bombing Gaza is Israel's version of "Yes We Can!" It's electoral politics by other means. (There's a big election in a month.) If Lebanon '06 is any indication, this may end up badly. A ground invasion will be resisted at all costs by Israel (too dangerous), but, without it, rockets from Gaza are unlikely to be stopped. So, then, what? The US is in no position to do anything: Condi no doubt sees birth pangs again, somewhere, and Obama is windsurfing; Bush is on his victory tour; and Hillary? She's learned not to kiss wives of terrorists and won't soon forget that lesson. Plus the US does't not talk to Hamas, anyway. The EU, as usual, talks, and that's pretty much all it does. Maybe UN soldiers from the Fiji Islands can help...? Except that the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has been missing and it's only a matter of time before his picture appears on milk cartons at your local supermarket. Tony Blair flies to the region once a month; no one knows why.

— Bernard Chazelle

The civilians in Gaza need your help now!

"Some targets were hit twice, particularly in the eastern part of Gaza City, so that the second strike killed rescue workers and people rushing to help victims of the first strike."

Your tax dollars paid for this.
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