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Monday, December 15, 2008. *

This was from Nate Silver. He uses it to prove that Obama is a progressive. I think the problem here isn't what Obama stands for its what he'll fight for. There's an old John Edwards video where he points that things aren't going to change much if you replace a bunch of corporate republicans with corporate democrats. He even used the example of how republicans, with the usual sell out Democratic Party members, stopped healthcare reform but managed to push through the Horrible "Let's Compete with Slave Labor" NAFTA. If we follow this theory, then everything at the bottom of that list is likely to pass, with very little at the very top, or more progressive laws ever getting a hearing thanks to the GOP Senate filibuster blockade (hat tip to Froth for that link) of all that's meaningful.


posted by Philip Shropshire at 7:08 PM
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