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Wednesday, October 15, 2008. *

I wonder if anyone happen to listen to the KPFA pacifica after debate discussions? I am really hoping I can hunt down the commentary afterward's as they let third party contenders speak. Because, Ralph Nader --Eris love him--, just unloaded on what they, both Obomba and Mcpalin didn't broach. It was hot and heavy it was good, and then got better and then my jaw dropped. He was hot! In the short 7/10 minutes he spoke I was blown away by his command of issues and articulation and subjects that I was cheering him. If I can hunt it down it is very worth posting. And I will. Needless to say he had more substance in his short rant than all four debates combined. Which isn't saying much as they, (the debates) all four seemed to center and the same three four, perhaps five issues drawn out over how many hours? But man, the issues that Nader brought up, post tonights event I hadn't even had on the front burner of my mind until he jarred me out of my debate trance on this, the third and final debate. One of many that was nothing (like the previous three) but signal noise.

It was like going from underfunded inner city 8th grade jr. high readers digest class room to an interesting 500/Graduate level university symposium on a topic you enjoy. One w/meat and gravy, and biscuit. lol.

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