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Saturday, October 18, 2008. *
Your democracy, which we applauded, turned us into those bereaved of children, widows, and orphans of the street begging for mercy and a piece of the bread from a government that has made itself deaf to our hunger and our eternal subjugation. A few days ago, one of my colleagues sent me news confirming the recent bombing of residential areas in the Al Doura district by US planes which killed at least eight members of one family, most of them children under the age of ten.

Can we do anything other than wholesale murder, oh, that's right the only manufacturing left in America since all our jobs have moved over seas is weapons of death. Americans are very severely underestimating the degree and extent of the hatred for America that is building up, or the intensity of the inevitable reaction, which will be fierce. We will pay for this one way or another.

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A BBC reporter in the provincial capital Lashkar Gah saw the bodies - three women and the rest children - ranging in age from six months to 15.

Obombma will make it all better...
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