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Sunday, September 07, 2008. *
It is rare in these times that someone appears suddenly on the political horizon who truly epitomizes and reflects the true nature of the United States of America.

Sarah Palin is that person. America deserves her. She deserves America.

Top Twenty Reasons Sarah Palin Should Be President
20. Hockey Mom.

19. Skates well backwards.

18. Vicious slapshot from the red line.

17. Don't take no shit from nobody.

16. Won't hide in undisclosed locations.

15. Her family needs a bigger igloo.

14. Will be away all winter shoveling snow at her Alaska ranch.

13. Will tour country on a dogsled.

12. Feisty chick.

11. Great with Congress. Years of experience managing large dysfunctional family.

10. Husband works for a living.

9. Grandchildren in the White House.

8. Holds Alaskan Hockey League record for game misconducts, high stick penalties, and disputed replays.

7. Already up at three a.m. talking on the phone.

6. Jeans - not pantsuits.

5. Has visited Russia several times while grocery shopping.

4. Will not be a guest on Oprah Winfry.

3. Is a mean motor scooter.

2. Knows that Georgia is already an American state.

1. Hockey mom!!!
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